This I Believe

Brian - Ames, Iowa
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in music. I believe it’s a way people express themselves. Music usually shows me what somebody’s personality might be, but not always. For example people who listen to death metal might be a little angry about certain things, but I have a brother in law who likes death metal and he is a computer geek who is very funny and nice.

Music is one of the more important things to me. It helps me express myself when I try to write music, to show what I might be feeling or what’s happening in my life right now. Music also calms me when I am worried or sad. That would be one of the best things music does for me. I get worried about a lot of things, so I pick up my guitar and slow down and release my worry or sadness.

I sort of knew about this when I play guitar on my own. I enjoy playing and always have fun when I do. When certain issues came up that worried me or made me down right sad, I didn’t know what to do. These problems usually come from stress at school or girl problems. This particular story I was dumped by someone I had been dating for quite a while. I was depressed, so I was talking to people online and one of my friends threw out an idea at me. She asked me what I like or what makes me happy. I listed a few things, and one of them was playing guitar. She said, “then be happy and play guitar.” It was a very good idea. I started playing and it really helped take the pain away. It was quite soothing and I felt rather normal, if not immensely better.

My friends listen to most of the same music as each other. They all have a few different favorites, as well as me. I think maybe that’s one reason they’re my friends; we all have the same interests. You obviously don’t have to have the same interests of friends as people you like, but if you ever stop to think, it may be one reason they are your friends.

I am a big fan of reggae and maybe that’s one of the reasons people perceive me as mellow. I’m usually mellow most of the time, but in reality, I can sometimes be loud or crazy.

I believe music plays a big role in everyone’s life. Everyone listens to it even though they might say they don’t. It does bring out people’s personalities, and I think it can make people happy or lift their spirits.