This I Believe

Tim - Gilbert, Iowa
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Food Matters

Moist turkey, fresh baked beans, luscious pumpkin pie, and carrot cake. These are all staples of the typical family gathering. Family gatherings don’t happen any too often, so every time we see each other is a memorable occasion. Food is always present. Whether in the living room or kitchen, food is key. Dill pickles or apple pie, everyone brings their own little slice of the gathering. Grandma brings the pie, Uncle Steve makes the beans, and we bring the pickles.

Food has a mystical effect on people. It seems the stranger the combination of food the more tolerant of people one becomes. I’ve seen this first hand. Before eating, everyone may think that Uncle Dave’s a little off, but put a sandwich in their hand and he becomes the life of the party. Don’t think that this is the only effect food has on us. The magical food gods bestow many mystical powers upon us that we may not even realize yet. This is good in a way because realizing that food and people go together may take away the wonder of it all.

Have you ever seen how there always seems to be a food for every feeling? Feeling blue? Grab some ice cream. Homesick? Grab something deep fat fried and crispy, a real rib sticker! Everyone eats out of emotion, we just do it subconsciously. Coincidence? I think not! I don’t think that it is without purpose that emotions and food go together like to peas in a pod. . .get it?

Not only do food and emotion go together, but food and sports go hand in hand. One can’t have a good super bowl party without cheese dip and lil’ smokies. Never has a person ever held a sporting event without food. Football just wouldn’t be the same without a brat and nachos. Never has anyone not felt the temptation to get off their duff and get a hot, steamy Johnsonville from the concession stand. It’s as if people associate a certain cuisine with certain events.

I especially enjoy the feeling that comes with preparing food for others ‘ that warm tingling feeling that comes from knowing you made someone’s day with a simple bowl of soup or a plate of lasagna. Everyone who has ever eaten someone else’s cooking knows the feeling of that scrumptious dish rolling down their throats as their hearts warm with delight. Nothing can match that feeling, not even winning the lottery; this is pure joy and love with the utmost awesomeness.

Nothing feels more like home than biting into your favorite dish prepared by that special someone in your life. Whether it’s grandma’s pie, or Uncle Steve’s beans, everyone can associate themselves with food. In this I believe.