This I Believe

Kelli - Ames, Iowa
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

So Simple

I believe in the simple things in life. As one of my favorite songs says, “It’s the simple things in life we forget.” Sometimes, simple means going back to the basics. Sometimes it means doing those little things that brighten a person’s day. Not because you have to, or because anyone told you to, but because you can, and because adding a little sunshine to someone else’s day is a hundred times better than doing anything for yourself.

We all have those days, you know, the days when nothing seems to be going your way; you just can’t do anything right. As I walk down the hallway between classes at school or down the sidewalk on a busy street, staring at the blur of faces passing me by, someone stands out. One person is different in the crowd: they’re smiling. Right away I can’t help but smile back. Suddenly, everything starts to look up. Nothing seems so bad anymore. I have hope, all because one person smiled at me.

It’s the little things like that that can positively make someone’s day. Just taking an extra few seconds to go out of your way to smile, open a door, or even write a little note just to say, “Hi!” makes a world of difference. It’s those moments, those seemingly meaningless things, that I live for. Writing a note to a friend to encourage, or maybe just because I’m bored, and seeing her face light up when I hand it to her makes me feel wonderful. I feel like my day wasn’t such a waste anymore. I did something worthwhile.

Most times people forget about the simple things. Sometimes all I need is just for someone to listen to me babble on and on about nothing just because I need to say it to something other than a wall. Some days I just need that one smile in the hallway or that softly spoken, “Hello,” to keep me going. Sometimes, all it takes to melt my heart is to look up as I’m trying to carry all of my things inside on a windy day, as my hair flies every which way, to see someone standing there holding the door open for me.

I believe in the simple things in life. I believe in the way they can change your entire outlook for the day. I believe that even if it takes just a moment, it’s time well spent. I believe in the way you can make a person’s day just by smiling at them for a whole two seconds. I believe life is too short to miss out on these things. Appreciate the little things people do for you, and the next time you see someone struggling to carry something inside, hold the door open, smile, and watch them melt right in front of you.