For Better or Worse; Friendship at its Best

Sean - ames, Iowa
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of friendship. I believe in the way it can make everything in your life fade away and keep you going through every storm on the sea.

As a student I don’t have much, but I have come to realize what has held me together during all the times where I could have crashed. In everyday life it comes in many forms. In everything from a pat on the back when I have done something good to being told what I didn’t want to hear, my friends have always been there for me.

Back when I was nine years old I was not a popular kid. It wasn’t the best time of my life. Kids would come to school every day just with the sole purpose of trying to ruin my day. They even went as far as blaming me for something when I hadn’t even been at school that day. I came back the next day got called in the office and was being punished for something I did not do. I got an apology when they checked the attendance records and found out I was not there that day. People knew if they hung out with me they were going to be in for a very hard time, but it brought us all closer. Every time they were punished with me just because they were the people who hung around me, and every time someone did something against them just because they were my friends, they never left.

My friends changed my life for the better. I was always angry. I hated everyone because they wouldn’t even give me a chance. I would go home and wonder if I just stopped going to school and just vanished, who would notice. None of them would have noticed that I was gone and none of them would have really cared, but with the help of my friends I figured something out. I wasn’t talking about my friends. I was talking about the people who seemed to want to throw me down. My friends would wonder where I was, and they would care if they never got to see me again. They showed me that I really wasn’t worried about my friends or myself, but I was worried about the people who needed to put me down to feel good.

I realized that was a waste of time. I spent so much time focusing on those things that everything was about how much I didn’t have and how much I could never get. My friends showed me that I was missing the most important thing in my life, them. Once I realized they were there and they were never going anywhere I didn’t focus on the bad. I just focused on what I had: Tyson, Paul, Russ, Derek, and Jeff. I believe in the power of friendship.