Living Without Regret

Ryan - Gilbert, Iowa
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Many people later on in their lives ask the question “what if?” nearly everyday. What if I had gone to college there? What if I had a different job? What if I had or hadn’t done this? I believe that is no way to lead a life, and this is why I believe in living life with no regrets.

As a kid I can distinctly remember when my great grandma was very sick. I wasn’t old enough to know or understand exactly what she had, but I did know she was sick and she wouldn’t be around for much longer. One day, on our way home from town, I asked my mom if we could go see her before we went home, so we did. The very next day, she died. I don’t know what it was that made me want to go that day, because it isn’t like we went often or I knew her well, but I decided I did want to see her, and I am extremely happy I made that decision because if I hadn’t, I could maybe be living in regret right now, wishing I had seen her one last time.

However, most times we don’t have a chance to make a decision like that, we just have to take the knowledge that we have at hand, and make the best possible choice we can from what we know, and that usually leads people in the right direction, but occasionally you will slip up and make a mistake. No one is perfect. One of the main points of living with no regret is forgiving yourself. Everyone’s going to mess up somewhere in their life, and if you can’t forgive yourself, you will live in regret, no doubt about it.

So whether it’s a live or die situation, or just deciding on what movie to watch, I do believe making the right decision can make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small that choice may seem at the time. Just remember throughout your whole life to live it to the fullest, and as you grow older that the only things you should regret when you look back on it are the things that you never had a chance to do.