Prioritizing is Key

Sarah - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in prioritizing. One day in my University Orientation class, my teacher told us to record everything we did in a schedule. On the day the assignment was due, she had us add up the number of hours we spent doing homework, studying, socializing, and sleeping. To her dismay, she found out that we spent more time talking with friends and snoozing instead of doing school work. She sternly warned that if we continued to waste time, our grades would fall.

Since that day, I began to believe in prioritizing. I will wake up each day knowing that I will have all of my activities planned out. I will go to class, eat in the cafeteria, and then study at the library. When I am finished with what I must do, I will then dedicate time to surf on the internet or go up to my friend’s room to socialize.

Balancing your activities is something everyone should practice. Spend some time hanging out with friends, but set limits. The key to balancing your schedule is that the most important activities should come first. In college, if there is big exam coming up, do not spend the whole week partying because you’ll only end up cramming the night before the test.

Unfortunately, I find that my peers waste their time. People on campus spend too much time chatting with friends on benches and going out to parties. My former roommate, in particular, was affected by this. She spent all her time chatting with her friends on She could not stay alone in her room for too long and ended up leaving for parties. Her priorities were completely disorganized. She was so obsessed with the latest features on websites and her friends that she left no time to study for exams.

I believe that in the end, these people will regret wasting time. The majority of them end up procrastinating assignments for school. Those who had the gall to drink for one night, find themselves too nauseous to attend class the next day. These mistakes can escalate to even bigger problems. A low G.P.A. will make a person either drop out or have to spend more money to stay in college. Today’s society, in whole, makes terrible decisions. People waste money, do not spend enough time with family, and do not make exercising a priority. They, instead, indulge themselves with extravagant items, spend too much time at work, and lay around in front of the television. In the end, everybody suffers emotionally and physically from not putting important tasks first.

Divide play time with work. Shake off all pressures from the outer world so that you will have enough time to do what is the highest priority. Heed this warning: your future is at stake when you do not consider the consequences of your current actions. Setting priorities is the key to having a successful and productive life.