This I Believe

Keke - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Keke Kosse

Marching Band is totally a sport and I’d kick anyone who says otherwise

I believe that marching band is a sport. There is no way I can think of marching at very fast tempos carrying heavy instruments couldn’t be. I carry thirty pounds of heavy brass on my left shoulder daily, up until the point where the shoulder tissue swells and builds up creating a huge lump in my shoulder made from tough muscles and skin. We’re outside on our uneven death field in the soggy rain, the blistering heat, hurricane winds and even during light snows. At this years State competition, we had the worst weather for marching in anyone’s ever seen. It was in Ft. Collins and the wind was picking up at an enormous pace. Sousas were blowing over and assorted band members were getting thrown off, but we where all pumped and ready for our last competitive show. Then the association cancelled us. It was a pretty big letdown, but we got over it.

It takes enormous skill to be able to move at any pace with a horn at your mouth, especially when you basically need to run and stay in exact step with the drum major and the people around you. I’mtired of needing to explain to people how marching bands don’t just stay in straight lines marching around a track.

During each of my band’s band camps, I started at 7 am, started stretching, running, then I started breathing exercises to make my lungs stronger, then music warm ups, marching warm up, drill, lunch, drill and parade block. This ended at 3 in the afternoon, with one hour for lunch and about two five minute water breaks.

If you say this isn’t hard work, try lasting one day. It’ll change your mind guaranteed.

I don’t mean to act all self righteous or anything, I just feel like we aren’t seen the way we should be. The preconceived notions of marching bands from movies gives band a bad reputation which in most cases is completely false. When people asks me dumb questions about what I did at band camp and expecting to hear something perverse, I just need to ignore them.

Another thing that’d put marching bands up there with football and other sports is how much fun it is. I have more fun out on the field than anywhere else. All the things you do, all the people you get to know, it’s like a family. A huge, sarcastic, energetic, occasionally very angry family that I can always rely on no matter what my problem. It’s the only thing I can see myself doing.

I feel like when people say that marching band isn’t a sport, it’s because they just don’t know what marching band is. Marching band, is competitive, athletic, trying and fun; adjectives most would think of when thinking of sports, no?

One last statement: Halftime is game time.