This I Believe

Lauren - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that you cannot judge somebody until you have walked in their shoes. I know this from experience, and that is the best way to find out things about yourself. Growing up everybody has their own opinion of what people should be like, how friends should act, or how they should be raised, but until you know all of these people’s circumstances it’s very hard to judge them on what little information you know.

I always told my mom that I never thought what she was telling me would help, and that I didn’t care. That is until she told me about her horrible childhood, growing up with a different dad every other year, and going hungry for days. My mom had to do things for herself growing up, and she made a great life for our family despite her past. Knowing she could get through these things taught me that everybody has a different story, and lived a different life. As you get older, and your family and friends tell you more about themselves you start to completely change your opinion, and realize that everybody’s differences are what give them those little imperfections you love about them. When you hear some of the things people have been through, you understand that they do these things for a reason.

Being in high school everybody judges, and everybody is judged. It is not always right, but everybody knows they are guilty of it at some point. You have the jocks that people assume aren’t as smart as the other students, or the band kids that everybody makes fun, or that one popular girl that everybody loves to hate. Certain sports even have different reputations by the public. Like of course, if you’re a softball player than you must be a dyke, or if you’re a cheerleader you must be pretty.

Every person has their own life story, and even though you think you know somebody you shouldn’t judge them. You say “if I were them I would have done things differently,” but you never know how you would react in a situation until you are put in it. This is one of life’s best lessons to learn. Nobody wants to be judged, so why do people continue to do it to others? As people grow they go through many tough times and realize it’s not worth judging others for their problems.