This I Believe

phoebe - littleton, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction


I believe in the good side of addiction. It is often seen as a habit that can ruin relationships and wreck your life as well as the lives of others. I have a past experience with drugs through the eyes of my father and his drug addiction.

Both of my parents struggled with addiction for part of their lives. My mom was completely sober by the time they married in 1991, but my dad had a little more trouble with it. Even after my younger sisters birth in 1995 the drugs were still controlling part of his life. As little kids, my sister and I didn’t know about my dad’s drug problem, but it soon became apparent that something was wrong. Often my parents would fight late at night, and one of them would not be there the next morning.

As we grew older my mom started leaving the house more and more, trying to escape the pain she was going through. This left my sister and I alone to bond. Because we were left alone together a lot, we created a dynamic that still remains today. Often we made up games and today, we still reflect back to these games in daily life. As we grew up, our personalities became more and more different from one another. It is at this point in life that people, even siblings, grow apart. But, because of the addiction that caused this bond, we remained very close.

Although my dad had stopped using marijuana and kicked his drug habit by 2001, it was too late to save our parents relationship. They soon became like two tenants in the same home, that my sister and I only saw one at a time. They would plan their nights so one would be home alone with us kids. Through these “mom and dad nights”, the relationships between many of us began to change. Because of my figure skating, I had always been the closest to my mom. My sport had bonded us together, and still does for the most part. The opposite was true between me and my father. But on these nights, I got to spend more time with my dad. After awhile, I became much closer to my father. Soon, my dad and I were in a great relationship. Because of the pressures that started him on pot, he is able to relate well with the things that I was going through at the time. His addiction helped both of us learn many life lessons. We have learned the importance in accepting yourself and others, but also the importance of not succumbing to peer pressures. Not only did I learn these things, but the addiction also had a positive, lasting, impact on my relationships. The bonds I created throughout this problem still remain much intact today both with my sister as well as my father I believe in the good side of addiction.