This I Believe

Spencer - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In our lives there are times every day that test our trust and faith in other people, as well as in ourselves. In my, life I know that I have been given many chances to test my trust and faith in other people and they have tested me to find if I am trustworthy. I believe that without the ability to trust in other people we would be lost. Trust and faith are crucial; we can not rely on ourselves for everything in every aspect of our lives.

Every day I am met with challenges big or small and have to think through them to figure out the best way to solve the problem in the best or most efficient way, often times the conclusion involves asking for help from those around me; parents, friends, teachers, religious leaders or others. I find that they are always willing to try and help me make the best choice even when it may not be completely convenient for them. I’ve had many experiences with this belief but one in particular stands out in my mind as being very important to me.

My advisors at church have always been ones who have been great examples for me to look up to and I know that they would be willing to help me through just about anything as they have told me so time and again. They have also been willing to prove it through some tough times. A few summers back a fair size group of boys, including myself, trained and prepared for a two hundred mile biking trip from our houses in Salt Lake City, Utah all the way to Bear Lake in Idaho. On the second day of this trip my knees were so sore for the over one hundred fifty miles that we had covered thus far that they began to turn a very dark shade of blue and almost black. My leaders who were participating in the ride as well stepped in and helped me at this time; they found me a bag of ice and set up a spot at our camp for me to lie down and ice my knees until they returned to their normal shade. This small gesture from them had a significant lesson behind it in my life and I still remember it vividly to this day. They have been with me through countless times like this one and I am grateful for them and the ability to trust them that comes from times like these.

Trust and faith are crucial; we can’t go at it alone. If we can learn this simple lesson and put our trust in others and have faith that they’ll come through we’ll be better off for it. This I believe.