This I Believe

Lisa - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 19, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

The Power of Light

I believe in light. As a child I remember falling asleep with the comforting glow of my nightlight casting iridescent rays on the pool of my dreams. Some of my favorite times as a child were spent camping in the Rocky Mountains. In the evenings my family would gather to roast marsh mellows around the dancing campfire. The flames would shed a rosy glow on their faces as several marsh mellows were burnt and countless memories were made. When the sun disappeared, we would always anticipate the rising of the moon accompanied by a blanket of shimmering stars while we lay stretched out on the cold ground. When it was time for bed, I recall clinging to my flashlight as its gentle glow shut out the eerie blackness. Somehow light always finds a way into the darkness turning it into something of beauty. In the same way, I believe each person brings light to the dimness of this world. As individuals we are each gifted with specific talents and characteristics which give us a unique shine. Each gift a person possesses has a significant purpose and influence on others. Every bright sunrise which finds us alive and well provides numerous opportunities for us to share our light and bring radiance to the future. Like a light house on the rocky shore of life, we can guide one another safely through the trials and hardships we are destined to face. Alone, our light gives only a faint glow, but when it is shared with others it possesses the ability to change the universe. When the sun sets on the horizon of our life, the illumination we leave behind will live on in the dazzling stars of the night sky. I believe in light and its ability to change the world. If we shine with confidence, darkness cannot comprehend the limitless power of light.