This I Believe

Emily - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

The Child Teachers

William Butler Yeats said “The innocent and the beautiful Have no enemy but time.” This quote represents my belief that all human beings are born with good hearts but as they grow up and are influenced by hatred, they lose their natural innocence like water in a drought.

Children are the ones to learn from; they are the dwindling percent of the population that have not yet been poisoned with society’s immoral values. Children do not judge people or think racist thoughts until these ideas are instilled into them by their parents and society. Kids in kindergarten do not say “she can’t play tag with us because she has darker skin”. During the early years of someone’s life, every event impacts them in some way because they have experienced so little. They are easily influenced by their parents, television, and friends. It is like the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” — children are often carbon copies of their parents. For instance, it is rare when a child or teenager has different political beliefs than their parents. The same goes with religion, the atheist parents tend to raise atheist children and the deeply religious parents raise very religious children. The overprotective mom tends to have easily influenced and/or sometimes spoiled children. Relatively speaking, this type of a mother does not let her children experience as much so her children don’t appreciate anything because they don’t know how blessed they are in relation to the rest of the world. These kids are told what to believe based on their mom’s opinion at an early stage of life, so they can be told what to believe later in life without noticing. The abused children tend to turn into abusive parents because as a child they go through so much despair that they have too much anger for one person to handle so they release it on other people. Thus a vicious cycle is created, making it impossible to abolish sexual and physical abuse in the world. I believe that even the worst person in the entire world was born as a good person, but the experiences they had as a child molded them like clay into the bad person they would become. When I babysit a toddler, I am always amazed at how he can run around the kitchen laughing and squealing incessantly all because I raised one eyebrow. If everyone could find that much joy in the simplest things, people would finally be happy and this happiness would spread like the smell of home baked cookies in a house on a snowy day. I believe that if people could retain their natural innocence and put it in their pockets for the rest of their life, then all of the world’s problems would be solved.