Pets Make Better People

Ashley - Suffolk, Virginia
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

As I walk through the door, Buddy and Benji are always waiting right there, wagging their tails waiting for me to be the first to pet them. Their warm welcome makes me feel good inside just knowing they love that I am home. As they jump on me, I bend down to pet them, and Benji and Buddy lick my face as if I have not seen them in a month. I believe in my pets. My dogs strengthen my personality, responsibility, and love and appreciation for life.

My two dogs make me a better person. Buddy is a big and loving black Lab, and Benji is a Pug that I recently bought. The two of them are my favorite two things to come home to at the end of the day. They do not judge me on the way I dress, my looks or my intelligence. Dogs just love me for caring for them, giving them a loving home, and a good life.

Pets, especially dogs, are loyal companions. Dogs have carefree personalities, and I enjoy being around them more than I like to be around most people. They are not prejudiced, judgmental, nor conceited in any way because they both love me for who I am. Loyal people are hard to come by, and that is why my dogs are the best friends that I could ever ask for. Both of them know when I am sad, crying and hurt, and they try and comfort me to the best of their abilities by never leaving my side when I’m upset. If I’m crying, Benji and Buddy lick the tears off my face, and Benji will curl up around my neck. It always makes me feel one hundred percent better when they let me know they are sympathetic to my feelings. My dogs are also more forgiving than most people, and they are always happy. Benji and Buddy appreciate everything that is given to them, even if it is just an old stuffed animal I found in my closet. The two of them also give me a sense of responsibility because they depend on me for love, shelter, food and water. Giving unconditional love, dogs bring out the best in people.

In October, my boyfriend, Jaysin, had never owned a pet. We both decided that it would be a lot of fun for us to get a dog together. Afer looking in The Virginian Pilot for a couple weeks, I came across a male Pug for sale. Excitedly, I told Jaysin about it, and he knew they were one of my favorite breeds so I called the breeder. I had a Pug when I was a young, but he had passed away a couple years ago from old age. The next day, we both traveled an hour and a half to a small town in northern Virginia. Walking into the breeder’s house, I saw two male Pugs. One of them stood out the most. His personality was adorable. He was hyper, spunky, playful and funny to watch. Jaysin instantly fell in love with him, and so did I. Benji brought out a softer side in Jaysin that most people have never seen except me. Jaysin loves playing with him as much as he does taking care of him and holding him while he is sleeping. I never thought that he would love a dog as much as he cares about Benji and Buddy. Jaysin plays with Benji and Buddy for hours at a time. He chases them, plays fetch and tug-of-war. When Benji cannot hold his eyes open any longer, Jaysin holds Benji in his arms while he is sleeping. There is a saying that goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend”, and that cliché has grown very true to me and Jaysin.

I believe that pets were created for people for a special reason. Not only do they bring out the best in people, but they give unconditional love. Benji and Buddy are what I look forward to come home to, especially after a rough day.