This I Believe

Sabrina - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude, hope

“It’s the little things in life that keep us going and make us smile. Keep smiling. Be happy. Love yourself, love your family. Just smile!” –Anonymous. I believe in smiles, adventures, hugs, sunrises, stars, and laughter. I believe in the little things. These are the things that can make someone’s day and keep us going throughout life. Many times you don’t even realize what the little things have done for someone else but when they happen to you, you always know. Everyone has bad days – they are unavoidable – but when you can find someone who takes those days and turns them into something amazing you have to believe in the little things. Morals and beliefs are important but without combining them with the little things they seem quite pointless. I was brought up learning that a smile and a hug can fix almost everything, but as I have grown older and the things that need fixing have gotten bigger than falling off my bike and scraping my knee, it is easy to forget what I had learned. When I remember to focus on the little things I know I can take my day or someone else’s and change it for the better. Sometimes it is easy to forget the smiles, adventures, and stars in life and be dark and twisty. Life throws unexpected curveballs at all of us but if we can just hold our heads high and walk down the hall with a warm smile and a cheery laugh, our day is sure to improve. I remember spending time with my best friend when we were little. We would have the most incredible “explorations” in the forest. These journeys were simply an example of an appreciation of the little things. We were fascinated by the sights and sounds of the woods and our imaginations ran wild, letting us run carefree on those sunny summer days. Now, these adventures and playing in the sun seem a little silly and childish, but if we could all let our imaginations go and live carefree; our world would be a friendlier place. I can look back and think about how those timeless adventures made our day, gave us hope, and filled our hearts with love and that’s really what the little things are about. I believe we should all be taught about the little things. Maybe we should spend less time correcting and teaching morals and more time letting kids learn about how love and laughter joined with morals can make the world shine. I believe the little things don’t teach us how to live but they teach us why to live. This is why I believe in the little things. Sometimes it is easy to forget these things and go on with our life, but when we take a step back we realize that maybe life without the little things isn’t worth living.