This I Believe

Mashur - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


To me the definition of freedom is to be able to live happy with no worries. In America it is true that freedom is available but freedom is not available all over the world. I am Palestinian and I’ve experienced how Palestinian people live. They live in fear day after day that they will lose their families, homes, jobs, and even country. I moved to Palestine a few years back and lived there for a few years to learn my culture and language. And it was a great experience to witness how different parts of the world don’t have the rights that we Americans do. I was really upset that my country’s people were not free. If they wanted to go from town to town they would go with fear in their hearts that maybe Israeli soldiers will stop them and torture them. It’s not fair that we are treated like we are animals or trash. I don’t speak for me; I speak for Palestine and its people. When I wanted to travel from Ram Allah to Jerusalem, I would show them my American passport because I didn’t have a Palestinian passport. They would let me pass the border with respect and warm welcoming. But when I look behind me and see a Palestinian citizen trying to pass, they would torture him with words and threats and still send him back or even throw him in jail. And when I go in defense of those people to ask why do you do this to these people, I either get no response back or they would respond saying that these people are not human and don’t deserve respect. And I would respond that I am Palestinian why do you respect me; is it because I show you an American passport? Well that’s not fair my friend this is a country of three religions and a country of two different people. Not just one side should live freely but both should. I wish that one day there will be peace in Palestine and the occupation will end, hopefully allowing Palestine to live in freedom, this I believe.