This I Believe

Matthew - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe that shoes mean everything. Forrest Gump once said that you can tell what kind of person someone is just by their shoes. Where they’ve been, where they’re going, stuff like that. Shoes can show personality. They show if you are into athletics, fashion, dressing formally, and all types of things. These are all reasons why I think that a new pair of shoes is very important.

Ever since I was about 5, I have always loved buying shoes. I only buy about one pair a year, but every year I become very excited. There are all kinds of variables like; the brand of shoes color of the shoes, the use of the shoes, etc. Then after you get the shoes, I just can’t wait to get to school the next day and wear them. Something about new shoes just makes you feel great, like you’re brand new. Maybe it’s the smell of them or just the way they feel, it’s just a strange thing. Also for the first week everyone tries to keep them as clean as possible, but then after about a week you just don’t care anymore. New shoes makes you feel like you are a new person and everyone else notices that you got new shoes. People will always tell you that you’re new shoes are cool, and for some reason that makes you happy, and you take it as a compliment, but they’re just shoes. Those are the only explanations I have for the joy you experience when you get new shoes. For some unexplained reason people just become very attached to their shoes. They protect them from mud and dirt, when their purpose is to protect your feet from mud and dirt. Either way I like getting excited about getting new shoes. It’s like a second Christmas, and it makes me more upbeat and excited for a while.

Another thing that new shoes can give you is a sense of individuality. If you get shoes that no one else has it makes you feel good because you have your own special shoe that no one else has. Something that you can call your own.