This I Believe

Naomi - Adrian, Michigan
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: place, pleasure

Somewhere, a Clock Is Ticking

I believe in beauty.

There are few moments in life when it’s possible to just stop and appreciate the beauty that’s all around us. The colors of autumn leaves, smell of rain, feel of soft skin, the love in someone’s eyes are all taken for granted unless you can bring yourself to stop and observe.

I’ve always been someone who has a problem with spacing out. Ideas pop into my head and my brain runs off on a streamline of possibilities. Not too long ago, I was having a particular spacey day. I kept my headphones in all day, didn’t do much work, and just thought about life. With these conditions, I found that in the crowded, diverse hallways of Adrian High School, beauty is abundant. With music suffocating all outside sound from my mind, I began to observe my peers in a whole new light. I took a step back from the blinders of ‘clicks’ and high school segregations. My life started to look more and more like a movie.

As a girl passed, I saw her face glowing, lost in some previous excitement; and just the opposite, I saw a guy passing, face cross, just as lost in his bubble. Couples were having silent arguments, and others were gazing into each other’s eyes. My friends were off in the distance, waiting for me in our usual spot and they never looked more inviting. Everyone passed me in slow motion, minds on thousands of different ideas and passions.

That’s when I finally understood the most beautiful phrase. In slow motion, the blast is beautiful. I heard that thought in my favorite song, by my favorite band, and I suddenly saw what they meant. Every emotion was beautiful when taken out of context. When I slowed down my high school life, every action left me awestricken. Within a few weeks, I saw every event in this way and it brought me to a blissful state.

I believe that you can find beauty in even the most devastating situations. I believe that the actions of nature and of humans aren’t appreciated enough. Everyone and everything can be what you make it. In slow motion, even the blast is beautiful. This, I believe.