This I Believe

Brian - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

I believe in change. Just recently, I moved from Milford, Ohio, just east of Cincinnati, to Centennial, Colorado, about 30 minutes south of Denver. Milford was very humid in the summer and dry in the winter with heavy snow and freezing rain. From near sea-level, to a mile-high, flourishing greenery to water restrictions, low hills to 14,000 foot mountains. When I first drove out here for a vacation and to choose a house with my family, I was, to put it simply, surprised. Mountains were nothing new to me because most of my relatives live in northern Utah so we would visit there often, but the contrast of the flat plains and then the tall mountains was staggering. We would be driving along interstate 70 and suddenly, BAM! There were the mountains. After we chose a house, my family and I went back to Ohio to get things ready to move. I was once again reminded of the dramatic differences. Finally, after two months of sorting and packing and saying good-byes, we went, as many settlers did before us, west to find a better life.

It is too early yet to say that we found it but I can say a few things about my new life. One, my hobbies were changed. With the intricate cycling and jogging paths, I found myself exploring and hiking and riding more places, instead of doing puzzles and playing computer games in Ohio. Two, I learned how to garden. My family chose a house with little grass and about three times as many flower beds so I spent most of my free time gardening. Three, the house we moved into was very old and hadn’t been lived in for months so there were many problems such as leaking pipes and roof, and creaky doors and floorboards in contrast to my old house in Ohio which we were the first owners.

The challenges I faced were firstly, adjusting to the altitude change which is pretty dramatic at 5280 feet above sea level. Second, like in every book about a farm-boy moving to the big city, I had to make new friends and groups and learn about how things work, though I’m not saying that I was a farmer before moving. Third, so many people expect you to be able to do things particular to that area such as skiing in Colorado which I’d never done before.

In conclusion, I believe very strongly in change and in the ability to adapt to your surrounding. Much like the first settlers I had to learn how to live in a whole new world. Things change and so must we.