This I Believe

Linda - Central Point, Oregon
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I BELIEVE . . .

I believe prayer chains and prayer in general is for our own pacification and holds little if any weight with God and His choices for us.

I came to this realization when this past October my mother, who is an active participant in her church’s prayer chain, was away one week, and in her absence I took the call for her and said my prayers for the ailing and departed in her congregation. About mid-prayer I recalled the many weeks I had lain in a hospital bed near my own demise. I prayed earnestly during those painful weeks that God would be gracious enough to let me die: Ease my pain, oh Lord; show Your compassion on me for my long suffering. Take this burden from my loved ones, for I know through Your love and their strength they will get on. Please God, let me go. I prayed for my end while friends and family prayer to counter my pleas. I lived.

Were their prayers any more earnest, and greater than mine? No, I believe my request had just as much weight with God as their’s. God knew then as He knows now, His plan. God’s will be done. Both Old and New testaments tell us that. And this I believe.

God hears, He knows, He understands, and yes, He even has been reported to change His mind; but it is God who in the end chooses, regardless of what and how hard or how many constitute our prayer. God’s will is the final Amen.

When the outcome is not to our liking, and we think it unjust that the innocent, the young, the good, and/or the pious are taken from us or fall victim to a critical ailment it is not the decision of an unloving, unjust God. No it is the outcome of a God who understands and knows better than us. God has compassion, and a plan that far exceeds our ability to comprehend. God knows there is a better place. I know it is us left to mourn that suffer, not our departed. They suffer no more.

As I resumed my prayers for that evening, and as I will continue to pray in days to come, I prayed that God would be with our sick and dieing; that God would hold them fast in His compassionate care, and that God would be with us all and help us all find peace and understanding in His decision. God’s will be done. Amen.

This. . . I believe.