This I Believe

Raeann - Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There I was sitting in the chair with my mouth pried so far open my lips started to bleed, the glue for the brackets dripped on my tongue and down my throat and the cold metal wire was jabbing into my cheek. I was experiencing something almost every teenager experiences, I was getting braces. Looking into the eyes of the nurse gluing the brackets on to my teeth was horrifying. There is nothing that frightens me more than someone sticking their hands in my mouth and messing with my teeth. What if this nurse does something wrong and I turn out looking like a monster, well I closed my eyes and waited for this awful experience to end. Finally, it was over I had my braces. As I walked out of the orthodontist’s office my whole face was in pain from the pressure the tiny metal appliances glued inside mouth was causing. Many kids have been placed in the same situation I have just described. The children of our generation are cursed with ugly and crooked teeth, and the only solution is to be tortured by the pain of braces. Though these awful things placed in our mouths are painful and unsightly they do fix our problems. I know this first hand, three years, five months and twelve days ago I got my braces and still have them today. In as little as six months I will finally get my braces off! I have dreamed of this day for years. When my braces were put on I was a little sixth grader cursed with crooked teeth and now I am a ninth grader and in six months I will have the perfect teeth I have been waiting for. I believe in the power of braces.