A Soundtrack to Life

Lauren - Chantilly, Virginia
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe music touches everyone throughout the world. There are many different categories of music and everyone has their own preferences. It plays many different roles in which deal with emotions, means of living, entertainment and more. Entertainment is definitely the most recognized uses of music. Using music to help cope with emotions is what I believe really touches people. Everyone has lists of songs that affect them emotionally. There are songs for every situation and every moment. Music is played for instance when people are put on hold or have to wait in a lobby of a building. The music serves as something to keep customers and guests calm and patient. Then there are also times such as sporting events, entertainment events, personal life, family events where music is a must. But no matter what the occasion is in life and the emotions attached, music most likely plays a role in it.

The songs artists write come from their own experiences or feelings but everyone can relate to them. The songs make many situations easier to deal with because how expressive lyrics are the rhythm that goes along with them. I know I use music in everything I do. It has the ability to calm me down, pump me up, or just keep me focused. Music is always there to help deal with whatever the cause may be. From getting ready in the morning to studying school work and then relaxing before sleeping my music is playing. I can play any song to get me focused on studying and on the other hand I use slow, mellow songs when I am relaxing. But I have certain play lists I must listen to before competing in an athletic event. Before I swim I always listen to the song, Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World. The song has a amazing, adrenaline pumping rhythm and lyrics that get my blood rushing and at the same time mind focused. As I talked to teammates and friends who play sports everyone had a certain song or list of songs they too listen to before competing. It’s the simple fact that music grasps our emotions and helps with situations such as competing.

With so many different music genres it is impossible not to find a song to compliment any moment in life. You can easily see an example of this by simply watching a movie. When a sad part of the movie occurs listen to the change in music. You can do that throughout the whole movie at any part because there is a song to almost every scene in a movie. And everyone’s life has millions of different “scenes” or experiences in which a song can make all the difference. For instance a song may come on during your first kiss, first relationship, or even your first car and you will remember that tune for years to come. Tying a song to a moment in life can make that moment so much more special and meaningful. Just by listening to even a few seconds of a favorite song can take someone from one mood, such as depression, to a complete change in moods. It affects sorrow, depression, happiness, anger; and many more emotions as well.

Music has a huge impact on emotions of depression. It allows people feeling depression to let go of their differences and express themselves without caring what the world will think. It has the ability to take you to another world where nothing matters. It creates a sense of freedom and passion beyond our reach. Listening to a song with lyrics that describe a situation gives you the sense of living that situation even though you may never experience it. People who are depressed often play songs that have a special meaning to them and that are happy and expressive in ways they need it to be. Then in most cases happiness usually deals with an upbeat, flashy song and sadness tends to make a person play slow, down and out songs similar to songs of depression. Jazz and orchestra songs are often played during times of relaxing, where as hip-hop, punk rock, and rock n roll songs are played to suit energetic moods and times of excitement. No matter what is going on during someone’s life music is their as a soundtrack with a song to every situation and experience.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is just that it is able to touch your emotions and take you away from everyday life. The world would not be the same without music. Emotions people would be scared or embarrassed to express in public and around the closest of friends are brought out with music. Music might not have been created to help cope with emotions but I believe that is most important need for music.