This I Believe

Matthew - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question

I believe that people need to question. Questioning is an important part of society. I feel the need to find out more than what I am expected to learn.

When I don’t question the material being taught, I do not understand it. Questioning allows me to understand in greater detail with a foundation for my learning. Imagine a house of cards. An average house can be knocked over with just the slightest bit of touch to it. When I question, I not only build a foundation of concrete for my house, but add steel supports all the way up.

Without questioning, the human society will never go anywhere. No one will learn anything new than what has already been discovered. No one will push for more knowledge in a field. When Gregor Mendel discovered dominant and recessive traits in pea plants, he wasn’t just learning someone else’s information, he questioned and learned his own.

I learned to question in third grade. We were learning about economics and and how to run society. I did not agree with and understand all of the material being taught, so I questioned. The result of this additional questioning was winning the simulation and coming out with the most money. I finished with over 1,000 play dollars, with the next closest person at 450.

Great minds think a lot. Thinking hard requires analyzing and questioning. Therefore, all the great minds questioned and analyzed. This is why I believe in questioning. I question why the environment can’t be saved for future generations. I believe that questioning will lead to innovation that will ultimately save the planet and countless species.

Questioning will lead to changes in the world. The people of democracies will have even more power over the government and it’s policies. When I question, I believe that I can make a difference. I question why things work and don’t just accept “because it does” as an answer. I have the drive to learn as much as possible.

In science class, I am taught to question, but the teacher doesn’t always encourage it. Working in the laboratory, I test out questions I have using various materials. This is the environment that questioning is most productive. In the classroom, however, I am taught not to question. I am told just to accept the information as it is and just move on. If this is how our society expects us to learn, then we will never move forward.

Questioning will solve all our problems. Multiple opinions will add diversity to the discussion about issues we need to decide. People will question and force others to come up with reasons. This is why I question. I need proof of the information. I need to question. This I believe.