This I Believe

Kristen - centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

If everyone in the world would just do smart things to make them selves happy, rather than doing stupid things because they think it will impress others, we would have a more utopian world. By this I mean there wouldn’t be competition between people to be better or more impressive then anybody else. There are many things people do to make themselves seem better but the one that bugs me a lot is sex.

I once had a best friend that was in seventh grade while I was in eighth grade, but I’ve known her since I was like seven. She was the coolest person to hang out with, then one day she got a boyfriend and they started making out on like the first date. I never thought she would do this, she was the sweetest person and she was always so innocent. Within the next four months she started doing more extreme things and eventually it came to sex. I didn’t find out till this past summer, but when I did find out, straight from her, I was seriously speechless. I didn’t know what to say to her I wish I could have rewound time and stopped her from doing it because I care so much about her that I knew she would regret it someday. Her mom doesn’t know; she doesn’t even know that she’s made out with a guy. What makes her situation even worse is that she’s catholic. It makes me wonder, why did she do it? Was it because her mom was so strict that she felt she had to lash out, or was it because she thought it would make her cool.

My personal opinion on this subject is that this was meant to something between two people who truly love each other not to make you “cool.” Why waste your virginity on someone you don’t truly love even when you think you love them you probably are just so blinded by there looks or popularity.

Another point on this subject is that these actions can possibly lead to a baby, and I don’t think anyone in high school is ready for that kind of responsibility. I don’t know anyone that would want to either drop out while they are pregnant or even worse go through school pregnant. Then after all this you’d either have to take care of it have your mom take care of it or put it up for adoption. All three of these would not be fun. The worst would be having an abortion. That’s almost like killing a human life. This would hurt (in a mental way) a lot, and you’d never forget it.

I’m sure it’s probably obvious that I believe it’s a stupid idea to waste your virginity to be cool. I mean, even if you thinks it’s what you want it probably really isn’t. Before making this decision you should really think about it and ask yourself, why do it?