This I Believe

Cole - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The pursuit of happiness. Everyone is entitled to it, and yet many throw it away for wealth or power. I believe that everyone should live their life in the way that makes them happiest. In both career selections and lifestyle, many people choose to live in a manner which grants them the most money, so that they may live life with many unnecessary luxuries. I believe that when pursuing a career, an individual’s choice should be based on what they wish to follow in life instead of the income rates provided by the job. “Income isn’t as important to happiness as having a good marriage or a job you like…” (Bryan Caplan- Money and Happiness: Double-Check with the GSS) I believe this because from personal experience I have seen the way my father’s dislike for his job has changed his attitude about his work and his outlook on life. He sees his job as a burden instead of taking each day to appreciate what he has and looking forward to the next day. He has become so disgruntled by his job that he has seriously considered moving due to a job offer which would be better suited towards him, with little difference in salary. I believe that choices in lifestyle should be made based on produce an enjoyable environment such as living life to the extreme and taking many opportunities to create new experiences. I believe that too many people waste away their lives by going through the daily routine of work and family, and although that may be satisfying to some, many others find that their life is lacking. I believe that these people should take every possible experience in order to make their life more diverse in order to create a fun and be content with their daily lives. It seems important for me to make decisions in my life which cause me to be happier, and I am sure it will impact my future, both in career pursuit and future lifestyle. I hope that when faced with this decision I will be able to foresight the outcomes and consequences of career selection and will be able to make the decisions which make me happiest. It seems rather foolish to choose income or power over happiness when the choice pertains to significant portions of an individual’s life. Therefore, I strongly believe that every man and every woman should pursue the values in life which make them happiest in every aspect of life.