This I Believe

Jose - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In today’s age, people consider me rare. I excel in my classes (to an extreme level), I have no sense of conformity, and I have good friendships. What few people know is that I pull it all off through a simple thing: belief. I maintain such great success through a belief in my God, a belief in my self, and a belief in my friends. Through trial and error, I found out that belief is the pillar of success.

Only one year ago, I was miles away from where I am today. I kept my head down, tried not to be noticed, and did not speak out. I just did not think I was that special. As the year progressed, I kept thinking that I could not succeed. Eventually, this became a self-fulfilling prophecy. My grades declined. I was very aggressive. I got to a point where I was completely depressed and I was only able to move on with the loving support of my family. I decided to change for the better next year, and I learned my lesson.

Doubt has kept me back, and hurt everyone who had to see me go through that. By doubting myself, I handicapped my success, believing that I could not make the big jumps needed to be someone happy and someone different, like talking to people and buying clothes that I (not everybody else) liked. I would not connect to people because I kept thinking people would not understand me. That remains my biggest regret from before I learned to believe in others and myself. By boosting a belief in myself, I have been able to pull off ten straight hours of work for school projects, by knowing that I can do it. I condition myself to think I’ll succeed, and that makes me succeed. Through my belief in my friends, I take their warnings and counsels more seriously, and that helps me avoid the scrapes and scratches of my life. My faith in my religion has filled me to the brim with the hope and kindness I need to face my problems.

Without belief, the world is like a frappuccino: it has its sweetness, but it is pretty cold. It can sometimes make you hungrier than before. By believing, you turn life into a macchiato: it warms and leaves you full of goodness.

I always believe in something now, because it lets me move on with a smile on my face. That makes people around me happy.

All it took was a good look at my life to know what I needed. That helped me change my ways quickly. From one year to the next, I turned my life around. Any time I feel overwhelmed, a single word lets me know what to do: Believe.