This I Believe

Tabatha - Somerset, Ohio
Entered on November 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

This I Believe

If I were to show you my box of treasures, found inside would be things that people work their whole lives to find. This is because my treasures are not ones that can be bought or physically held they are the ones that are felt in the heart and sole. Therefore if my box were to be opened it would hold a feeling, that feeling is the love that I have gained from my family as I have grown to be the person I am today.

Throughout life as an adolescent I always found myself trying to keep up with the fast pace of socializing and trying to fit in. During the day I would be at school with my friends, then I would head to cheerleading practice, finally I would head home for homework and sleep. Usually on the weekends I would be found at the sporting events and with my friends or boyfriend for the remainder of the weekend. I put little time into the small details of life. I let my busy schedule get in the way of really getting to know my family. My treasure chest was filled with day to day events and material things. My fast pace life was getting in the way of the real treasures of life.

Finally I hit a realization about life when it was time for college. I actually had to sit down and make choices. No longer could I go with the flow of things I actually had to face something that took my time and real thought. I began to think about paying for school, the people I would be leaving, and the loving support I got from my family. These things I took for granite and had no idea how important they were in my life.

Up until that point I did not think about everything my parents did for me constantly and unconditionally. My father went to college and worked while supporting my family that consisted of my mother, brother, and I when I was a child. He worked his butt off to become an accountant so we could live comfortably and afford all the things we loved. Without the love he had for our family to push him everyday, in order to get through school and work during those hard times, I would have never been able to go out every weekend and have fun with friends, let alone go to college. I had never realized how much he gave up for our family just because he loved us. My mother on the other hand was always my shadow in everything I did. She never got in the way but she always gave me words of wisdom when she felt I needed them. Her advice about friends, school, love, and life always came in handy, but I never really realized how much it helped me through challenging times. I have seen many of my friends make mistakes in life because they were never able to confide in their parents for support. Knowing that I could have made one of those mistakes without my mother’s wisdom and advice makes me appreciate and love her more than ever.

Both my parents have worked hard and supported me because they love me and want the best for me. I know that the love that I have gained through their guidance and support is one of my most cherished treasures. There love has played an important part in my life because they have shown me how to take time and love. My parents have taught me through their love that whether it is loving yourself by making hard challenging choices or loving someone else during the hardest times in life, being able to love is a treasure worth having. I now know that the love I have gained through my family will be a treasure that I will carry on with everything I do in life. No longer will I let the materialistic treasures distract me from the inner treasure that I can take with me everywhere I go.