This I Believe

Anna - White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Entered on November 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the closest people I know are the ones that I somehow feel an unknown connection to. Everyday walking around my school and neighborhood I see someone I don’t know. Especially with a school of 1400 kids in it, there are a lot of people I don’t know. When I see a random person I don’t know I think to myself why don’t I just reach out and get to know this person? It then becomes apparent that just going up to someone randomly and getting to know that person is not a socially excepted norm. Not only that but I cannot even fathom trying to know everyone I have never met before.

This leads me into my belief that somehow certain people share certain unknown connections. An unknown connection to me is where I may not have even met someone, I could potentially hear him or her speak, see him or her in public, or even just see a picture of him or her and know that I would get along with this certain person incredibly well. I personally have felt numerous unknown connections.

My biggest unknown connection was a little over a year ago. I was browsing Myspace and I came across a girl who had posted a comment on a friend of a friends page. Her display picture was only half of her body and just the side of her face but yet somewhere deep inside my soul I felt that unknown connection. Getting to know someone through Myspace isn’t necessarily an accepted norm to me. Yet throughout the year I added her as a friend, wrote her a message and somehow got her phone number.

It’s weird to think that I actually speak to this girl on the phone weekly. She lives more than 12 hours away and our relationship is purely platonic. I think she is beautiful, interesting, and can hold excellent conversation; and me being a lesbian has a somewhat biased impact of course. So I must ask myself how could I have possibly have known that I would share a bond with a person that, truthfully, I barely know? To me that’s the unknown. It’s what I believe everyone in this world lives for. A step further into this unknown is the connections we all share with different people.

That giddy feeling that starts in my toes and segues into the rest of my body is what I search for. The unknown connections with people help me drive my life forward.