This I Believe

Joshua - Powder Springs, Georgia
Entered on November 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

In This I Believe

My Aunt Flo is a mother of two. She was a very joyful person, with a great outlook on life. Sadly, she is in her final stage of life. Several years ago, doctors diagnosed my aunt with Alzheimer’s. Over the years there where many signs and now she is not able to feed or care for herself. Her smile was beautiful and her laugh hilarious.

Alzheimer’s is an incurable disease that effects an individual’s brain and causes lost of brainpower not to mention the lost of precious memories. I believe that this shouldn’t be a phase of life anyone should have to go through. Although she has no idea what is going on, it has affected the family members most.

I love my Aunt Flo; I visit her in the nursing home where you see many people, who are lonely and sad, all because there is no love there. In the time that I have spent with my aunt, I see the world differently, and I realize that no one can stay here forever, but it hurts when they go. I hate that the only cure for my pain isn’t “just a dash of vinegar”, as my aunt would say, but to merely talk about it.

My Aunt Flo is slowly fading away, and unable to swallow food or drink without complication. My love for my aunt still grows, and getting to know someone and falling in love with everything they are, is a joy, but losing them is the worst thing in the world.

My cousin Cheryl is my hero. Throughout these trying times over the years, she has dedicated and has found time in her schedule to visit daily. Through it all, she overcomes the sorrow. Just weeks ago my cousin got a call from the nurse who is taking care of my aunt to inform her that my aunt has only a few weeks left to live. In this I believe, although this breaks my heart, my cousin still helps me find joy by assuring me that my Aunt Flo is going off to a better place.