This I Believe

Erin - USA
Entered on November 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that life begins before your first breath of air. Life begins when you are conceived in a woman’s womb. It doesn’t matter what stage this fetus or human is at, they are the same. Everything develops in steps or cycles. We are like flower seeds. (Think about it.) First there is a seed planted and placed under soil. That seed develops. It takes sun light and water to nurture the seed. After a period of time, that seed will develop and you will see a plant coming through the soil. Then the color of the flower and the characteristics come into the picture. If this plant is taken care of, the flower will develop fully and beautify the world. Does the seed look like a flower? Of course not. That is what it will become. This is the same when you look at human life. Our life begins at conception. We start off as a fetus and without hands, feets, legs, eyes, etc. But after time and care inside of the mother’s womb, that life grows and develops, and once the baby is ready, it is born into the world.

Nobody has the right to interrupt or damage that cycle once it has begun. Abortion is murder. I am a Roman Catholic, and I firmly believe that God has placed each one of us on Earth to make a difference. I am living my life for Him and I want to save all life that he has created. Let’s go to the Old Testament. Human life was given by God. Sure we may have evolved, I don’t have an answer to that, but we know that He is the source. If you believe that God created life, then why do people give themselves the power to end it? It is a cruel act. There are faiths that say a human doesn’t have a soul until they are born, therefore, abortion is allowed. Let’s put religion to the side for a moment. What do we have if we take away religion, culture, and material things from our world? We only have ourselves. We are ONE human race. How can we kill off our own kind? It doesn’t make any sense.

Everyone has the right to life. If conceptipon has taken place, that life shouldn’t be taken away from him or her. I am so blessed to have parents that saved their sexuality for marriage in order to have me. There are so many people in our generation that have no respect for their body and give it away to feel loved. Love is not necessarily a feeling. It is a commitment. It is a commitment to help the one who is loved to live a full life and to help other live.

Jesus’ example of love has made me the person that I am, and strive to be. I love all of His creation, even unborn humans. I cannot live my life fully without expressing my views. I want to make this world a better place. Why is there so much death in the world? It’s simple. There is a lack of true love: love for self and love for others. I don’t want a human to be put to death because I wasn’t there to stand up for them.

I hope that my belief will inspire you to go out a make a difference in our world. Voicing our individual beliefs may cause arguments and debates. If you are doing something out love, God is working through you. We have to do these acts of love in order to live in harmony. So what do you say? There is so harm in a precious life. You are lucky to have survived. Think about it, there have been billions of babies aborted, and here you are today, reading this essay. Live this day showing love for your life and help save the lives of all unborn humans.