There is a Supreme Being

Michael - Monroe, North Carolina
Entered on November 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that there really is a supreme being that created all creatures. There is evidence all around us. When I look around at all the beautiful things in this world it is then I know that there is a God.

When I was growing up, I was always told to go to church, and be involved in it. I never knew how important God was until my family finally hit rock bottom. It got to where my parents had to sell some of our furniture to have money for food. All I could think of was to pray. When I did that night, I knew that something good was going to happen. The next morning, there were three grocery bags full of food on our doorstep. Some people would say that somebody did this. I say God led that person to give us what we needed.

There is an argument from scientists that everyone evolved from single cell organisms. This is simply not possible. If eyes evolved from cells as everything else, they would not have functioned. An eye without one part would cease to be an eye. There is too much diversity to prove evolution exists. If evolution was a fact, and not a theory, all people would be exactly alike.

Belief in God is more than a mere belief; it is what brings people together. People who believe in God often associate with other believers. They have traditions and holidays centered on their beliefs.

I believe that there is a God and he helps everyone come together. God inspires thought, charity, and love.