This I Believe

Madison - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

This I believe… the beauty of a rose as it blooms, the array of colors in a sunset, the

joy of watching children grow, the moment of courage when you choose to stand up for

what’s right, making a friend, laughing so hard you cry, grieving over loved ones,

smelling fresh cookies. All of these things are just bites into the world. There are so

many small things that people never see because they are too busy with work,

T.V., and school. Our world was never meant to be perfect. It was never meant to be fair.

But if you choose to love life, you take detours in your path. You can see around the

obvious and take steps into the beyond. You choose to see the beautiful things in life

because you love it and want it to be the best. You instead discover the almost perfect

things in life. You can spot the things that are fair. You can see the obscure beauty that

nobody else does. A falling leaf, a quiet forest path, a bird’s song, a dolphin in sparkling

water, a flowing river, snow that’s freshly fallen, flash of diamonds, the sun coming

through the branches just right. If you love life, you see these things that are not as

obvious but more beautiful. Loving life also means keeping up a positive attitude.

Selfish, lazy, greedy, and uncompassionate traits have taken over our world. But if you

look beyond the ugly things, you see much more. Look beyond the death of loved ones,

and focus on how you still have life to live. Look beyond the negativity of friends, and

focus on how you can help cheer them on to victory. Your first kiss, the excitement of a

roller coaster, the beauty of a drop of dew, the gorgeous painting an artist has created, the

pain that can slowly go away and become joy, the leadership that you can acquire, the job

you finally receive. Many things in life are taken for granted just as life is. People do not

realize how precious life is. It can be taken away in a second. Forgive and never give up.

Each day we get is a gift. We can’t throw that away. If we learn to love our life, we can

think positively instead of negatively. Just because someone can’t walk doesn’t mean

they can’t win. Just because someone can’t hear, doesn’t mean they don’t see. Just

because you feel like doing nothing that day, doesn’t mean you are incapable of doing it.

If we live and love life equally, then really we will be able to look past the sad times, the

dark times, the depressing times, and look on the positive side even when its hard. You

have to love life and be positive in order to really see life at its greatest. And to see life at

its greatest is the amazing trick to life that helps at least me make it through each day.