Make Music, Not War

Kelly - Matthews, North Carolina
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Whenever I hear the second guitar solo from Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” I think of my father and I riding in his car, pretty much the only time we have gotten along.

I believe music has the power to heal our souls and minds, and bring those who are different together. Music is not racist, it is not judgmental, it serves one purpose: to heal. I believe that through music all of our differences are set aside. You do not need to be rich to listen, you do not need perfect hair to hear; all you need is an open mind. I believe our colors fade when we are all at the same concert, there is no black, white, purple, green, whatever color you are, it does not exist anymore. What once separated us; now brings us all together.

If we could all walk around with a guitar solo in our mind or our favorite Christmas carol, I believe the world could be a better place. It is 2007 and I still see racism on the streets today, it breaks my heart that people cannot see that we are all the same. Even our heartbeats are music, the constant rhythm pumping life into us; everyone has the same song pumping through their blood. I believe music cannot end war itself but I feel it can end the pain that comes with war. Music can be therapy, a friend, or your voice when you have none.

I believe you are entitled to use your hairbrush as a microphone and sing along to your favorite song and imagine you are that artist. I also believe your steering wheel is your drum set, and “Air-guitaring” at stoplights is perfectly legal. Music brings people together on a positive note and for one brief night everyone seems bonded, people are laughing, talking to complete strangers like they have known them for years. It is an escape from the outside life that pours across the news screen every night at eleven. I believe in the second guitar solo from “Comfortably Numb” if it can let my dad and I get along for several minutes without awkward silence and the feeling that the car roof is about to cave in, it is worth believing in.

Whatever mood you are in, there is a song out there singing your mood. It can express your beliefs, or lift your spirits, or help you grieve a lost one. I will always believe in music and I hope that at my funeral the second guitar solo to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” is played. I have so many fond memories to music and it is something I will always believe in. It has healed me, and brought me closer to my father for six minutes and fifty-three seconds. I believe we should use music instead of violence to get our pain across to others. I believe in music, it is my soul, my therapy, my heartbeat. It will always live in me and I will continue to use my steering wheel as a drumset and play air guitar as stop lights until the day I die.