This I Believe

jordan - centerville, Ohio
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Hanging out with Friends Every Weekend

Hanging out with friends every weekend; this I believe. Having a good time means more than just partying and acting stupid. It is going out and enjoying yourself to the fullest, getting everything out of the experience you can. I believe that going out and having a good time is actually good for you mentally, I know from experience. Here is an example, last week I was getting pumped for the football game, and I especially couldn’t wait to hang out with my friends after the game, unfortunately to my dismay report cards came out. After looking at my grades, my mom decided I was grounded, if found out right before I left to go to the game, for the weekend. The news crushed me. I was so bummed out, and then I was in an angry mood all weekend. So it goes to show how important it is to go out every weekend and hang out with friends on the weekends is very important to a person’s mental state of being. In high school especially, hanging out with friends on the weekends is a corner stone in high school. As a high school student myself, if I didn’t hang out with my friends on the weekends, I might go insane. Hanging out with friends on the weekends is a driving force that keeps me going through the school year; it helps me survive high school. Hanging out with friends on the weekends also creates a lot of great memories for me of my high school career, which I will never forget. Hanging out with friends also helps you become socially more interactive. I know in middle school I didn’t have that many friends so I didn’t really do anything on the weekends except sports, and as a result I don’t have as many good memories as I wish I had for that period in my life. So now I am forced to try to remember what those years were like. It is as almost as if I skipped those couple years of my life. When I get older I guarantee that I will be looking back at my high school career thinking to myself wow those were the days. I don’t want to be looking back thinking what more could I have done to have a better, more fulfilling time in high school. Even now as I am in high school I still look back at past years and think of all the good times that I have had with friends and all of the memories that we share, both good and bad, and I would not change a thing about what I have done so far in my life.