This I Believe

Chris - USA
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe….

I believe that this country is a mocery of its self. Think of the United States as a family of children and think of how we were raised and why we were raised that way. Add a couple of hundred years to the time line and now were all grown up, and look at what we have become. This is a short story of my mental trying to reach out to others who would actually take time to listen. It is not a story to disrespect this country that I was born and raised in but to just take a different view on things. Ever notice how young children will play with any peer of their own as long as they are having fun. Then start to look at elementary, things start to change. Certain friends and groups or clicks start to form before your very eyes.

What I am getting at is when we first start out in our young life’s, we are so innocent and willing to believe in things such as the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy that we could care less about thinking if it is real or not. Then for some reason or another we get close those double digits and our innocent heads are clouded with media and advertisement. Notice how we start comparing ourselves with one another. Comparing things like who is the best at something or who has the most whatever. All of which have nothing to do with being a united people or nation. The poverty in this country is terrible. Records just keep getting higher and higher and none of these numbers are going to a positive subject.

Somehow in this numerical fashion we decide to put race into this which has nothing to do with the factor at all. The teasing and jokes that go around of poor, uneducated people just show how educated the person making the joke is, even more so if it is racially based. For example someone saying something about Mexicans in a negative form is forgetting that every race has their poor side and I am sure that they did not care if that other person was white, black, poor or rich when they were infants running around on the play ground. May be I am wrong this is just something in my mind I wanted to share.