This I Believe

Makale - Centerfield, Utah
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe it is one thing to have an opinion and voice it appropriately, and the other to voice it disrespectfully. I feel like, when you are disagreeing with some one’s beliefs, you should respect them, if you give your opinion, do it in a tasteful way. Don’t tell people they are in the wrong just because you don’t agree with them.

Everyone in this earth is entitled to his or her opinion; we learn and grow from others. We also fall apart and get weak from others. It hurts to be bashed on just because you agree differently from another. I was in class about a week ago, and this class mate of mine went out of his way to tell everyone how much he hates gay people. It was very crude. I have no problem if he disagrees with it, but don’t hate. It is wrong to hate and discriminate anyone. He didn’t even consider that it would offend others. I took it very offensive, I have gay friends and relatives, and I love them just the same and enjoy every ounce of their company as I do with straight people. Go ahead and say you don’t believe in that, or you think it’s wrong, it is against the word of god, but it doesn’t mean you have to be so rude and disrespectful. He basically made me cry.

Be entitled to your opinion, but do it in a tactful way. People will listen to better, and be more respectful about the fact you have different views.