Look to the Future, not the Past

Dottie - Leighton, Iowa
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Happiness lies in your future, not in your past. This belief came into effect my freshman year at college when I realized that I had to stop looking in the past for happiness. I kept looking for much needed happiness for now that I kept looking into the past to see what could make me happy.

I believe everyone has eternal happiness. I also believe that I will eventually find my eternal happiness. Happiness can be achieved in so many ways and approaches. Happiness is also achieved through one’s self.

My happiness is found in giving and caring. I also find my happiness in my nieces and nephews who always make me happy. I can always call and talk to them and instantly be cheered up. I also find happiness in communication with my brother who’s in the Navy, because he gives me guidance and cheers me up.

My one passion in life is to always give and care. I love to give gifts randomly to friends and family, because it always cheers them up and it brings me great joy. I am a person who gives and does not like to receive in return. Every time I give a gift, the one question I am always asked is “Why and what is this for?” I always give the answer just because, to say thanks for being you, to say thanks for being a great friend. My friends always know that when their birthday is coming up, that they will always have a card coming to them because I always give cards for birthdays. Birthdays are a very big thing for me because I like to see people light up on their birthday.

My nieces and nephews always bring me joy and happiness. I always love to see their smiling faces when I stay for a weekend and just hang out with them. We always dance when I stay because they love to dance and so do I, because that is one of my favorite activities to do. My niece is one of the biggest joys in my life. She is the youngest niece that I have and we always dance and hang out. We always have a big laugh and tons of fun. My nephews are quite a handful but I love them so much and their happiness always emanates through me.

My brother Jack and I have a great bond between us. We have constant communication with each other over many different things. My brother gives me great guidance on many issues that I deal with as a college student. Many of the issues I face as a student he has faced in his lifetime. My brother always finds a way to bring me happiness when I am down. My brother and I may live on different sides of the country but we find a way to get together. I am very proud of my brother for his service to this country and I find happiness in him.