This I Believe

Selena - Jefferson County, Colorado
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What do you think of age? Does the number of years you have determine how smart you are? Or does something else influence it? I started my first year of high school at twelve. I take honors classes. Why do so many people assume that the older you are the smarter you are? Young people still have brains. Most institutions, schools, businesses, etc. assume that if you are this age, you are smart enough to be in this grade, and cannot be any smarter. I had to take a slew of tests to ensure I was mature enough, responsible enough, and smart enough to skip a grade. My cousins in Texas have the same problem, except they are not allowed to skip grades period. The people there obviously think young people are only as smart as their age implies, and cannot be any smarter. I started first grade when I was four. My family had to move twice to keep up with my needs. One school we looked at would have made me repeat third grade. One school wanted to put me in kindergarten. I have an IQ of around 160. This, I believe shows what matters is not how old you are, but how capable you are.

When some people hear how old I am, and what grade I’m in, they expect me to have an A+ in all my classes, and be super smart at everything. They are then disappointed when I am not. I am about as smart as the people in my classes. Some people are smarter. The reason I am in this grade is because it challenges me. If it was too easy, and I knew everything, I would have skipped another grade until I was challenged, and did not know everything..

One person I know calls me super smart and praises me for it, but then calls me a freak with no friends and tells me to go back to kindergarten to finish the grade I skipped. I feel pity for this person because being normal is the most important thing in their life, and they refuse to accept that being ‘normal’ is not the most important part of my life. I will not dumb myself down and be bored my whole life just to be accepted. I prefer to live my life, regardless of what people think. Besides, what is ‘normal’ anyway?