This I Believe

Rita - Eagle, Colorado
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: humanism

Detentions for hugs! School girls, in the eighth grade, saying goodbye for the weekend with a hug, caught by a teacher, written up for 2 night’s detention for touching on the school yard! What is this world coming to?

We don’t talk at work, just impersonal emails; make a phone call and you get a machine, push one for customer service and it just takes a message. You know how hard it is to talk to a real person! Text messaging, for goodness sakes, you have a gadget that lets you talk to someone, but don’t use that, too intimate, just TEXT.

Don’t talk and for heavens sake, don’t touch! A law suit could develop, so keep everyone safe and untouchable. Then they wonder why kids go ballistic. No sense of community, outsiders, ridiculed, no connections. What the hell is wrong with a hug? We all need hugs!

Babies who aren’t held don’t develop physically or mentally, they are “failure to survive” babies. Kids sit in front of TV screens or computer screens with no personal connections.

Is it a wonder why depression is up or kids are ADD, DPD, TXZ and XYZ? Drugs are rampant, we must feel good at any cost.

And now hugs are rewarded with punishment. Are we a Mao society now? No emotions, no feelings or expression. Hugs are a warm expression of human caring. I want no part of a society that outlaws hugs.