This I Believe

Laurent - Smyrna( Atlanta), Georgia
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

“ I believe that life is measured by the happiness or sadness that you proportion to others.

Life is not a measurement of accumulations- such as the number of friends you have, or by how others accept you, or by what weekend plans you have, or by what your net worth is.

Life is simply measured by whom you love and by whom you may hurt. It is measured by the compromises and duties that you complete . It’s about a friendship that is nurtured sacredly, or contrarily, as used as a weapon. It’s about what positive or negative comments you may address to someone, and the judgments that you formulate as to whom you may comment and not comment.

It’s about love, respect or once again on the contrary, the hate that you may have inside you – and how you cultivate it and how you shower it. For the most part, it’s about how use your life to feed the hearts of others .

You and only you choose the way you want to affect others and those decisions is what life’s all about. To make a friend is a “grace”, to have a friend is a gift, to conserve a friend is a virtue and finally, to be a friend is an honor and privilege.”