This I Believe

Genevieve - albany, New York
Entered on November 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, legacy

If you don’t know me you cant unknow me unless you want to deny me. I believe that if I have some sort of connection to a person, then that person can not ignore my existence if I do not fit into their perfect world. Family members often forget about their past along with casting away all the individuals that helped shape their future. Millionaires forget the slums they derived from and business leaders hide from the facts of their former tainted acquaintances.

I have came in contact with several people who have made me realize that I want a successful life. People such as my mother has always drilled the importance of an education into my mind. My twelfth grade English teacher explained how taking advantage of resources can open plenty of opportunities. It was through people such as my mother and teach who made me understand that I need to work hard to survive in this world. My gift to them is rather than denying their existence because they will be beneath my education and financial status, I will acknowledge their wellbeing and praise them because with out their knowledge I would not have the education or the status. I know where I’m trying to go, the goals I want to reach, and the future that I have planned for my life. Therefore, I believe that it is very important that when I stand to accept the next Nobel piece prize, or get honored for the next major discovery in psychology, I understand that it is my obligation to reflect on the environment of which has shaped me into the mogul of the near future.

My advise to all is not to glorify the ghetto like several other rap artist, nor am I asking for people to allow the transitional era of their adolescence completely leave one’s mind. Quite the contrary, I’m demanding that everyone remember what they have went through. The struggles, pain, and abundance of commitment that you as well as others put into your career has helped develop your new status. In addition to this reflection, I encourage everyone to include all the individuals that made a significant impression on your life in order for one to have the lavish products of the materialistic world. Rather it be the beautiful words of encouragement from your mother, or the knowledge from the wise old drunk in the alley, give thanks to all the people who created the path of success for one’s life.