This I Believe

Jason - Lone Tree, Colorado
Entered on November 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

When was the last time you opened the door to be greeted by something that gave you unconditional love and enthusiasm? I am one of the fortunate few to experience my dog waiting for me right behind my door. I believe that Rocky is my best friend because he always has a continuous zest for life, and always wants to spend time with me. Rocky never runs out of love, and at any time you wish to play with him, he is all for it. I also believe that he is my best friend because he doesn’t care what food he receives. He just loves knowing that I’ll give it to him at a certain time. When you are all alone after college, wouldn’t you want a friend to keep you company on those long, sleepless nights? I believe in the saying “ dog is man’s best friend”. This quote exemplifies my point, having a dog like Rocky helps reduce my stress level. Everytime I see him waging his tail and his mischievous grin, all my worries suddenly disappear. The final thing that I believe makes him my best friend is how he always insists on making my day the best it can be. This is what I believe in.