Mary - Seabeck, Washington
Entered on November 14, 2007
Age Group: 65+

I believe that life is like the seasons in nature. In the spring my parents showered their love and knowledge on me and I began growing into independence, just like the spring rain brings seeds into flower. In the heat of summer, I learned to fend for myself, to fight for what I thought was right (if I had to,) and entered into the love of a family of my own. This I believe: It was in the summer of my life that the sun shined on me the most. In the fall of my life I contemplated all that had been accomplished. I felt like a giant tree whose trunk had grown tall; and colorful, dried leaves fell from it’s branches. And now it is winter. It is not cold; soft snow falls into my hair; making it sparkle and white. Looking up, I keep my eyes closed and my hands behind my back, not wanting to reach out to, or see, the beautiful sky just yet. Is winter the most beautiful season of all? Will the winter of my life lead me to a blessed eternity?

This I believe.