Living for More than Mediocrity

Lea - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Entered on November 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life moves in many directions, a different way for each person. Sometimes I think to myself: am I ready to confront my future? Do I realize that at some point, sooner than I think, I will have to decide and discern where I’m going in this life? My sister, at age twenty, recently received what she believes is her calling: to become a religious sister – a nun. She discerned that this was God’s Will for her at this time. Her willingness to follow through, no matter what adversity she has faced and will continue to face from family and society, shows her courage and sense of purpose.

This conviction has also turned my world upside down. My sister’s seemingly sudden decision to enter religious life has changed my life, and for better or worse, it has been difficult to adjust. I no longer see or talk to the fourth member of my family on a regular basis, and I keep wondering if this is really the right thing. Though she has not made a lasting commitment (it takes seven years to become a fully professed nun), the fact remains that my only sister and best friend is in Maryland, ready to begin her future, and she is only two years older than I am! Will I be ready for bigger things in just two years?

This event has made me more acutely aware that major life changes can occur at any time, and I feel I have gained greater life perspective and a sense of what truly matters. While it is important to learn to relax and enjoy the little things, the underlying depth of life cannot be ignored. This I believe: life is meaningful, and its true significance will be made known when a person acts with a sense of purpose. My sister’s decision has made me think more than ever before: where does my sense of purpose lie? Where am I going? The future is closer than I think, and I’m realizing more and more the importance of focusing my mind on something greater, something outside of myself, that will lead me to the place intended for me.

Whatever I’m supposed to do or supposed to be, I trust that God will let me know. God will take care of me, and everything will work out for the best. It is still a struggle to get through tough times, and this major change my sister has effected is no exception; loneliness and confusion are still a part of me. But my faith has not wavered, and I am instead more aware that someday I will be ready to answer my own call, whatever it may be. My sister has shown immense strength in following her calling, and I hope and pray that when that time comes for me, I will be similarly courageous.

So many times, I feel that people are just going through the motions. Life becomes a routine; people take care of their responsibilities and find something with which to entertain themselves in their free time. I believe that fulfillment and joy and peace will truly be found when people look outside of themselves and find something greater to give them reason to do what they do. For me, my sense of purpose comes from my faith in God, who gives me strength to ponder the big questions of life and who will show me the way to my future.