Mark - Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Entered on November 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: change

This I believe. The pre-mentioned sentence follows the same path as my title. In belief all that is stated is followed by the confirmation.

While researching my topic for this essay I came across a thought that would thread through all about what I want to convey. The definition of revolution; overthrow of government ; a dramatic change in ideas or practice ;complete circular turn ;circle around something. Also, a part of the same word ;vo·lute ;a spiral form or structure; spiraling: moving in or following a spiral path.

I have never been a person of deep thought. My life has always been what some would consider as charmed. I rarely have the energy to project my self, my ideas, my personal thoughts to others. I would be considered selfish. Given the opportunity to express my thoughts through the written word has sparked a spiral of emotion.

Change is constant. Within change there is turmoil. The search for an end.

Now, this would be considered a deep thought. If change is constant, on going. There can be no end. If we have a revolution, a turn or change, it is only as good as the last thing that has changed.

The status quo. I have always followed the rules. Don’t speak out of turn, don’t make waves, let the other guy go first. I believe by holding these ideas in the forefront of my every day existence. This will in time exert a powerful yet undetectable change.

Even though , a revolution is about change . Sometimes change doesn’t happen . The expectation of change , creates a thought that it may happen . When it does happen , it may not be what we exactly expected . Do you see what I’m getting at ?

Here I am right back where I started . I’m feeling an undetectable change .