This I Believe

Brittany - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on November 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Time is like a gift, the only gift that is given freely and in abundance. Unlike other gifts, there is no paying for it, and it is given in a plentiful amount. The only problem with it is that it is abused and in turn, there is not enough of it. Finding time and making time…this I believe.

As a typical busybody, I know how hard it is to have time for school, extra-curriculars, work and chores while still finding time for friends, family, outings and myself. Luckily I know I’m not alone because many people can relate to this. It is inevitable that people will always have something to do and little time to do it… the only thing missing among crazy schedules however is taking that little extra time to do something nice for someone else or just making a difference in general. Something as small as a hug can impact someone else’s day tremendously while only taking a mere minute out of ours. So why isn’t it done more often? The answer lies within the overused phrase “I just don’t have the time.”

I was once sent an email that applied my belief to everyday life; it also made me think about how others have impacted me just by taking a moment to show that they care…the email went like this:

‘There was a guy speeding down the street in his new sports car, not paying attention to life and what was happening around him. He suddenly heard a thud like the sound of something hitting his car and he pulled over to examine it. He noticed that there was a large dent in the side and a brick was lying in the street next to him. Angrily he looked around to find who had thrown it and discovered it had been a boy bent over on the sidewalk. The fuming man yelled at the boy profusely about respect for others and their property and when he was finished asked the boy why he did it. The boy, crying now, simply replied: “My brother fell out of his wheelchair and I’m too weak to lift him up. There was no one around and I didn’t know what else to do so I waited for a car to pass by. I’m really sorry about the dent sir. I just need help lifting my brother…” The man suddenly realized the other boy lying there and felt awful, ashamed, and even embarrassed at his behavior. Feeling this, he helped the boy get his brother back in the wheelchair and this time, he was the one who apologized.’

The moral of the story is this: Don’t let life rush by so fast someone has to throw a brick at you to wake you up. While life may be busy and everyone has somewhere to be or something to do, time can be found or made to impact others, it merely takes a minute… and this I believe.