This I Believe

Caryn - Centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

“Too late. Try again next time.” Everyone has been told to “come again later” sometime in their life. I believe that one must take action at the first opportunity. I know I’ve let an opportunity slip by me when I could’ve taken action.

I was at a youth group meeting on Election Day. The board members were going to be decided. The “candidates” were also going to be decided. Anyone in the youth group that wanted to be considered for the board volunteered to give a quick speech telling the youth group what they would bring to and why they wanted to be on the board. After all of the volunteers had given their speeches, the members of the youth group would vote on who the next board would be made of. When the youth leader called for volunteers, I thought about going up and giving a quick presentation. I almost did when another girl volunteered. During all of the other candidates’ speeches, I debated whether to go up or not. I had the opportunity, but I didn’t take it. When I finally resolved to volunteer, the youth leader told everyone that the candidates were decided and everyone needed to vote. I had missed my chance.

It turns out that being on the board would have opened up some really cool opportunities for me, but I didn’t have that option because I didn’t take action when I had the chance to. Everyone needs to take action. All people need to seize every moment. If no one took advantage of opportunity, Ben Franklin would not have gone out into that rainstorm and electricity wouldn’t have been discovered. Civil Rights would have never been granted, because Rosa Parks wouldn’t have refused her seat on the bus. All great things stem from one moment, one spark, one pebble that plops into still water and begins the ripple. Taking action is dropping that stone. Every human being has the opportunity to toss a pebble, and everyone should seize that opportunity. I believe that no water should be left standing still. All ponds should be rippled. It could be a simple action, like volunteering to run for your youth group board, or it could be a monumental breakthrough, like standing up for civil rights. Either way, the pebble would be dropped. Either way, the action would be taken. Everyone should toss their pebble-it’s the only way anything can be accomplished. Every pond in existence can be and should be rippled at the first opportunity, and if they are, differences like no one’s ever dreamed of will be made.