This I Believe

Megan - Glen Allen, Virginia
Entered on November 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone Can Make A Difference

I believe that everyone in this world can make a difference. No matter any disability anyone has and no matter what amount of time their given. I’ve come to a realization in life that in order to make a difference it doesn’t need to be huge, such as giving one million dollars to Africa, but can be just as simple as talking to someone new, or someone who has a disability. A lot of times you can learn a lot from someone no matter their talents or beliefs.

The other day I was sitting in Spanish class, and there is this girl, and she’s my age, and she has a learning disability, not a huge one but she used to need an aide. She always seemed disappointed, or unhappy, and never really talks to anyone. I remembered her and me going to the same middle school, and now high school. I never really saw her that much during middle school, but now in high school she’s in one of my classes I have everyday, as well as my English class. She mentioned she had no friends that day during Spanish, which we have everyday. When she said that, I thought about her long and hard, and I realized she really didn’t have any friends, maybe a few hellos here or there, but no one really talked to her, or seemed like they really wanted to.

Another day she read a poem she wrote in English class, and it was really good. It made me want to cry because what she had written seemed like it related to her life and having no friends. I had doubted her abilities since she’s not exactly the smartest person. I had doubted her but then I realized just how much you don’t see when you just look at the cover.

Just the other day I saw her drawing in a notebook she had in Spanish that day, and she was drawing a parody of a comic strip, and it was amazing. I really didn’t expect her to be able to draw or write like that. I had learned something new about this girl. I told her I loved it and it was amazing, and just the glow that appeared on her face and the smile that popped up that I had never seen, made me feel good, and made me realize, even just a small compliment or a few words can brighten someone up, and maybe even give them another day of hope. I can see this girl going very far places, and a lot of people not realizing how much talent she had in her, or how nice she really was.

This girl is not the only person I’ve heard that’s needed a miracle, or even just a friend or a couple encouraging words just to get them through the day. Every time we say something mean about someone disabled or someone who has hard times we really hurt them, and trust me, they usually don’t forget. The more you say things that hurt them, the more it brings down their hope, or their desire to live in this world. I don’t have any doubts about people who have disabilities or people who don’t. They’ve all inspired me, that if I put my heart to it, I can do the impossible and prove everyone wrong. I know I’ve been proven wrong by a couple people because I hadn’t looked past their cover. It’s just a minute or two out of your day to learn something new about that person, maybe just ask them a question. It might shock you how excited or happy they are when you can actually care about them or give them the time of day, even for just a minute.

Although I’m only fifteen, my conclusions of life and realizations are far more than I’ve expected, and there’s only more to come. Everyone in my life whether or not they’re close to me, they’ve all inspired me in someway or another to carry out my dreams, to try and live everyday to the fullest, and keep my head up high and look and the positive side of life. I believe everyone can achieve the impossible.