Every Day Necessity: Sneakers

Emalyn - San Diego, California
Entered on November 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Sure, in Southern California flip flops can be worn year-round but that flimsy, foam “footwear” does not satiate the needs my feet desire. I had this realization after my first injury several years ago. Unfortunately, I dislocated my knee from running in a pair of flip flops and I stepped down awkwardly, making my knee pop out of its socket. Since then, I invested hundreds of hours and dollars on shoes, because sneakers are essential.

I believe that sneakers are the greatest form of protection for one’s feet. It is tough to walk around barefoot this day and time, unfortunately, because sharp impurities are randomly displaced amongst vast plains of concrete, grass, tile and wood flooring. For example, I know I have stepped on glass and various objects that have pricked me when I never wanted to be poked. Those are the times when I wish I was wearing shoes. In fact, those times make me wish I wore shoes all day, every day – even when I eat, drink and sleep. I mean, there is nothing worse than walking barefoot from your kitchen to living room, holding a bowl of popcorn and about to pop in your favorite DVD when suddenly; you step on a needle that punctures the sole of your foot. The sight of blood would make anyone freak out and I would punch myself for my injury because I did not listen to my mother who always tells me to wear some type of foot protection in the house.

I believe sneakers build self-esteem and give people something to look forward to. Sadly, I love the attention I get from wearing a pair of $200 sneakers because it is more than nice to have a little recognition now and then. Even worse, I look forward to receiving a package in the mail. Honestly, it is even better when it is a pair of shoes that were purchased by staying up until one in the morning on eBay but took four days to transfer funds from your bank account to your PayPal. All in all, I spend time procrastinating on an English paper for an expensive hobby. However, I love the satisfaction of buying what I like with my own money because I hated begging my parents when I was younger.

I believe sneakers bring people together. Like car enthusiasts, who meet to share the same interests, people of the sneaker culture do the same thing. I meet monthly with friends all over Southern California to collectively come together and have a great time over food, music and of course, sneakers. I chat on my sneaker forums where I can share the same interests with people from all over the world. I buy, sell and trade with others and in some way, we all connect whether it is because I share the same shoe size with someone else or if I live in the same state as them. Interaction is highly important and I even have close ties with the postman because he is always dropping off packages at my doorstep too often than normal.

It is certain that sneakers are the icing on the cake. Sneakers provide protection and comfort, interaction with others and the betterment of one’s wellbeing. Also, nothing compares to simple t-shirt and jeans topped with a fresh pair of kicks that are trimmed with the finest leather and stitched carefully to make even the Nike swoosh drip sweat from the heat.