Beatriz - San Francisco, California
Entered on November 13, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

I believe art can bring people together. Can you imagine a world without art? I image it to be a very sad and dark world. With art, people share common places at theaters and public space. People share with families and friends. Everybody can interact and see new visions through the arts. You meet others with almost the same restlessness. We come together for a reason, to find the enjoyment and excitement in all kinds of good art.

I believe getting together to do art opens cultural borders and helps us to get to know each other. I feel that we artists have the same struggles, the same urge to change the world into a better one without considering social status or where we came from. Getting together bringing art from different places is a life statement for not creating more borders between people; especially artists who need to express their art in every part of the land from South to North America. An example that I remember from a few years after September eleventh ia when a famous Latin artist tried to come to the USA her visa was denied. The immigration agency was afraid of terrorism from other countries. I think it was wrong to treat these artists like that. Artists should never be denied visas. Artists are not business travelers; artists are giving their life for reflection and happiness to others who need to share and meet people from different cultures. People and artists together give and receive experiences for inspiration and creativity.

Another example is Isadora Duncan, a famous dancer from the 40’s. She inspired many people to see other ways of how to be more expressive doing dance with meaning. Her method was called Duncan dance technique. Ms Duncan was giving harmony and freedom to her movements with a lot of creativity while dancing. She was one of the first woman dancers who avoided using Ballet techniques, exploring instead the freedom of movement. For instance she avoided ballet shoes for dancing in order to connect with the ground and feel the sensations of being barefoot on stage or in any outdoor space. She was a step forward for the modern dance movement in United States and in different countries of Europe. Latin singers like Pablo Milanes and Mercedes Sosa from Latin American give messages of peace and social change in their lyrics. They sing and compose about to their lives and feelings about their own people. Their songs open new frontiers in music. Giving freedom through the good messages in songs and movement can create space to share and bring people together through their creativity. People receive feelings and are motivated to learn about other cultures through getting together and sharing art.

I believe without people doing art together we would be wasting our time. We would not have a space for collective reflections about different issues. Communicating issues through artistic expressions challenges the spirit. When you get in contact with somebody who you don’t know through the magic of the arts, you can feel that you have known this person forever because we enjoy the art of beauty in all their forms. When people meet and see a theater piece, for example, some people reflect during the piece on what they have received or perceived from the theater piece. They try to tell you and share with other people the message they received. New comments from other people become a chain of thinking and reflection.

I believe that many famous artists are trying to transcend the message that sometimes is imposed by what the mass media wants to show. An artist can give a real and true message when he/she moves his/her body or paint something deep that makes people cry. I believe bringing people together through art makes people think, use her/his imagination and feel peaceful inside. People sometimes at the end of a performance or any contact with art feel more relaxed because they have experienced emotions and also fear. Art inspires people to be part of a community without an imposed message from the mass media or any other system. When people share and find places for art in the communities they can help built more cultural exchange and help each other in common projects that are beneficial for the community.

Getting together through doing art in a classroom or delivering a performance increases the knowledge of the human being. If you get involved with music you participate in a universal language. Everybody identifies with some song or instrument and a simple beat can communicate trough music a lot emotions. All life is moving in rhythm. When we hear our heart beat, it is like a drum. Everybody can vibrate and share with any song and show deep feelings from life. Almost everybody feels better with a nice tune. Dance gives you the spirit of movement, embraces you and fills you with confidence to express the body passions and make a strong statement. A painter inspires you to really observe and analyze color, time, and concepts. It’s so delightful to communicate. Art brings knowledge when an artist transmits a message and makes a difference so people become better human beings.

As an artist I want to feel free to express my connection to others with my body and soul when I’m performing. I have been dancing half of my life so there are not enough words to express all the positive things that happen when I dance. I believe strongly that if we are united in doing art, we help others to be more sensitive as human beings and avoid creating more borders between us. Together with art we challenge our classrooms and how we are practicing our knowledge. It is crucial to keep and maintain open spaces for the arts, for meeting new people and new generations and to get just a little bit closer to the truth that art can bring people together for a better cause.