This I Believe

Lindsey - Centerville, Ohio
Entered on November 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What do I believe in? I believe in band camp in July. I believe in cold rainy practices. I believe in football game run-throughs. I believe in staying late to load the truck. I believe in having a responsibility to 125 other members. I believe in Bands of America. I believe in Grand National Finals. I believe in that one last show. I believe in breaking ranks. I believe in being in the top 13 bands in America. I believe in the Centerville Jazz Band.

I’ve been in the Centerville Jazz Band for three years, and in about a week, my third season with them will end. Everything always starts at band camp. Band camp is nothing like people think it is. It’s where the new Centerville Jazz Band begins the season. Where I learn the opener, work on my four-mallet technique, get to know my new section. The 9-12, 1-5, 6-9 practice schedule gets ingrained in my mind.

After band camp, practices slow down a bit. Rookies wonder why they’re doing band, it seems like torture: rainy cold run-throughs, burning pavement practices, staying after midnight to unload the truck when all you really want to do is collapse and sleep. At times, every muscle in your body hurts. I’ve had times where it hurts to breathe. Everything is worth it in the end. The directors are constantly having meetings with the band design team to see what they could do better. Slowly, the competition show is starting to be produced at the highest level possible.

Then school starts up. In every class, the teacher will ask me to introduce myself. These are the times where the REAL band nerds are shown to the public. I’ll admit that I am, in fact, a HUGE band nerd. So, when I introduce myself, I always add that I am a proud member of the Centerville Jazz Band, or the Centerville Drum line.

For the three years I’ve been in the Centerville Jazz Band. I’m not sure what’s going to happen this year, but the past two years we’ve ranked in the top 13 bands in America. Grand Nationals is what every band in America works up to. The last finals performance that only 12 bands get every year. To hear Chuck Henson announce the final results, and then further, who the Grand Champion of the year is. Every band wants to take the BOA Eagle trophy home. “We’re all winners in life. Go for it! Break Ranks!”, Chuck Henson says, and every band member from the 12 finalist bands will go to one another and congratulate each other.

Bands of America is a wonderful thing. Through it, I’ve made friends from all over. I have best friends living in Indiana, Florida, Illinois, California and Texas. These people will stay with me through life. The 125 members of the Centerville Jazz Band will be live long friends, and I’m glad to experience it.

What do I believe in? The Centerville Jazz Band.